(Lietuvių) Steigimo dokumentų rengimas ir registravimas

The most popular limited liability private
legal persons (except for joint stock companies) and public
legal persons and unlimited liability private
legal entities (communities) that the cost of services, the provision establishing documents:

on paper from 140 EUR + VAT
eletronine form from 100 EUR + VAT
Individual company incorporation documents and
registration in the cost of providing documents of incorporation:

on paper from 100 EUR + VAT
in electronic form from 87 EUR + VAT
In addition, you will cost:

State Enterprise Centre of Registers services

reservation of title (if desired) € 16.22
establishing registration documents (depending on the legal form) from 26,36 EUR 57.34 EUR
notary services under tariffs approved

for establishing (document compliance with laws fittings) approval of the transaction by at least € 72.41
and not more than € 289.62
the consent of a natural person’s home address, power of attorney or other document validation (if required) in accordance with the rates approved
The newly registered, which can immediately operate UAB stake in the price of 350 EUR
Аntspaudas between 20 € to 26 of EUR
A legal person registration execute on average within 6-7 working days.