Internal documents Training

Legal entity’s internal documents must comply with the clerical rules and laws. That is, they must comply with the clerical rules and laws. This procedure is defined in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and legal entity incorporation. Incorrectly assigned or not timely submitted (or not) the statutory public documents sometimes create difficulties for the legal person or for its correct census and presentation (registration) to the person responsible. Such documents may be invalidated or enable disputes arise.
The person responsible for internal documents (the general meeting, the minutes of the board meetings, reports, decisions, decrees, orders, etc.) Clearance must form and, if it is provided for by law, to submit their laws and founding documents established order.

Especially important for the general meeting recording. It is regarded as legitimate if concluded and executed correctly from the shareholders information about the upcoming meeting.

The person chairing the meeting must be very familiar with the instruments of incorporation approved by the decision-making in certain matters. In some cases, the law sets strict qualified majority or takes away the right to vote in decision-making.