This termination of the legal person registering it from the commercial register
The liquidation of the legal entity – is a legal entity operating Termination deregistering it from the commercial register, which has been collected and stored in its data. A legal entity may be liquidated owner, players, court order or other law. From the date of the decision, canceled all former legal entity governing bodies and the governing body functions taken over by the owner of participants or a court decision liquidator appointed. Since the decision of registration of, the legal person granted the status of “liquidated”.
A legal person, a court decision may be deregistered by the bankruptcy. Then the governing body takes over the functions of a court-appointed bankruptcy administrator.
The most convenient way to contact us, specifying the goals of eliminating or reason and our staff will send or otherwise provide you a short survey form, which studied the near future will contact you with the optimal decision to liquidate.