The share purchase contract drafting

Legal person shares transfer (sale, donation) documented only in written form notarial such ownership rights (except inheritance) transfer form is optional, but it must meet all of the contract such as correctly formalize requirements. Otherwise there at least one essential point, the contract can be invalidated.
It is also very important that your vendor aware of the law and the founding documents specified in the sales order and pre-emptive rights to the share sale. This is particularly important for public and private companies equity share sales.
Easy to formalize their share of sales, there is a clearly defined and agreed between the parties transaction value. How much more difficult, for the purpose of selling the business. Then the need to accurately assess the sold part of the price, depending on the size of the capital of the legal person’s experience, intellectual property, asset liquidity, profitability and commitment.
According to the law legal persons must register its participants, and have taken themselves or by entrusting it to other persons of the legal person of participants register. The accounting of the members responsible leader. Especially important is the participants’ registration companies (both public limited and private limited liability). Because each shareholder has its own part of the company’s shareholders’ equity, expressed in shares, entitling him to certain statutory rights and interests. The main shareholder of the right to property – to receive dividends from the company’s profit in proportion to the number of shares held. The main moral law-shareholder vote at the general meeting of shareholders in decision making. Therefore, all the rights of shareholders to be timely and correctly placed. Public company entrusts its shareholders accounting for the securities account manager in the securities market legislation procedures. Private limited liability company is normally managed by themselves, the designation of a responsible person. However, the responsibility of shareholders accounting and statutory notices of changes in equity share lies with the head.
Very often, accounting for the company’s shareholders about their health only have any problem or dispute. It should be noted that the share purchase and sale or other transfer of the contract is not enough to give the company’s shareholders’ data to third parties.
A document certifying the company’s shareholders and the composition of their share capital – manager (or responsible for accounting for stock company representative) signed and certified extract from the register of shareholders or securities account.
We would like to draw attention to the fact that the conclusion of the shareholders’ register is very important to know what kind of shares by way of expression is in the company. Since then, the shares owned accounting and the presentation.